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BOB MARLEY by Stephen Davis

    A rebel, a visionary, an uncompromising champion of human rights- Robert Nesta Marley rose from the slums of Kingston, Jamaica, to make reggae music and his own message of rebellion, self-determination, and the power of the individual a spiritual and political force throughout the world. The Wailers recording sessions, concerts, and life at 56 Hope Road (Marley's residence) are all part of a sensitive, authoritative, and authentic look at the king of a musical movement that swept out of Jamaica and into Western and Third World Countries alike.

    Today the legend of Bob Marley continues to grow with legions of fans, many of whom weren't even born when Marley died. This "larger than life" figure continues to affect music, since so much of what is current leads back to roads he paved. The members of his band (among them Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Aston "Family Man" Barrett) and his family (including Rita and Ziggy Marley) continue to dominate the reggae and pop music of today. The effect this music has had on the rest of the world, not only in reggae but in pop, ska, punk, world beat, dancehall, rap, hip hop, folk, and almost every genre of popular music imaginable cannot be measured.

Easily the Best Book about Bob Marley
--Rolling Stone
330 pages, paperback $18.95

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