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Barbadian Popular Music  •  Allah's Terrorists  •  Black Women, Globalazation, and Economic Justice  •  Women and the Amistad Connection  •  Chosen Children  •  The Ultimate Search Book  •  Haitian Kreyol in Ten Steps  •  Work Abuse  •  Doctors who Rape  •  Alcoholism: A Matter of Choice  •  Genocide: Rwanda and Burundi  •  Shame: The Power of Caring  • 

    Barbadian Popular Music
     by Curwen Best
    Devoted entirely to the music, politics, and culture of Barbados, Barbadian Popular Music refutes the common misperception that Barbados is a "Little England" by legitimizing and supporting the massive developments in pocket option culture. It proposes that Barbadian music is subversive to its core and that the country of Barbados has been the new music Mecca of the Caribbean since the turn of the century.

    This is the first book to provide a substantial analysis, description, and history of tuk, ringbang, spouge, kaiso, and soca music in the Caribbean by tracing the history of Barbadian music from its African, folk, and gospel origins to its current developments on the Hit Parade-the dancehall "industry." Best's discussion of the origins of calypso judging, the entertainment industry, and dub culture makes clear their impact on contemporary Barbadian society.


About the Author

    Allah's Terrorists
     by Ted Pohlman
    The last chapter of Allah's Terrorists asks you to imagine how a dying terrorist felt on September 11, 2001. What makes the religion-based terrorist tick--the God inside the terrorist's head. What are the cultural, historical, religious, personal, and psychological factors that make up his outlook as a terrorist? This requires more than an intellectual understanding; you need to feel with him as much as possible, to understand his feelings. Combating future terrorists like him can be better done if you understand their feelings, difficult as this may be.

    What are the most salient features of one of the truly great religions of the world, Islam? How is it misinterpreted and distorted by the terrorist? What are the close parallels between fanatical and extreme Muslims and religious extremists that you may know, who may live next door to you? How does extreme religion control and influence you? Why does the Islamic terrorist expect to be given special rewards in Heaven, and given them instantly, as a martyr?

    Will future world population growth foster even more terrorists? Read the terrifying reasons why the author thinks so. Will the "War Against Terrorism" spawn more terrorists? Has the terrorism of 2001 ushered in a new world where concerns about "the environment," other species, and world population growth will be neglected?

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    Black Women,Globalization, and Economic Justice: Engendering
      Racism in Africa and the African Diaspora
     by Filomina Chioma Steady
    Studies increasingly show that corporate globalization reinforces divisions along lines of race, gender, class and nationality with enduring structural characteristics. Racialized and gendered processes are essential aspects of organizing principles that guide the operation of trans-national capital, the raison d'etre of corporate globalization.

    For the majority of Black women in Africa and the African Diaspora and for women of color in the South, globalization has been negative, resulting in poverty and human suffering. While corporate globalization has benefited mostly the rich nations of the North, transnational corporations and a few Southern elites, it has expanded economic domination by the North and reinforced inequality between and within nations. It empowers corporations at the expense of nations and people in what has been referred to as "the new market imperialism."

    For many people in Africa and the African Diaspora, globalization has meant marginalization and fragmentation. The term "a new market apartheid" has been applied to this process. The articles in this book show that gender and racial disparities are worsening with globalization through the subordinate position of women of color in the international division of labor and the compounded effect of multiple discrimination. They also show that these women have been active in resisting the negative effects of globalization.

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    Women and the Amistad Connection: Sierra Leone Krio Society
     by Filomina Chioma Steady
    This book is a welcome relief from reports of the ten-year rebel war in Sierra Leone as it gives a glimpse of life in a part of Sierra Leone during its more customary periods of peace. It is an important and timely record of a people whose lives may have been changed forever. The Krios of Sierra Leone are presented from a perspective in which women are central, and allows the women to "speak for themselves."

    The study examines the history and development of a pluri-cultural society representing African, European, and New World influences which resulted from the repatriation of freed slaves from different parts of the world to Freetown, Sierra Leone. The role of women in maintaining the kinship and household structure, life-cycle events, pocket option review and rituals are central to understanding this complex society.


THE ULTIMATE SEARCH BOOK will have a new publisher for
                             the 2003 edition. You can be automatically notified when
                             when the book is available from the new publisher by
                             emailing your name, email and postal mailing address to the
                             author, Lori Carangelo, at

    Haitian Kreyol in Ten Steps
     by Roger Savain
    Haitian Kreyol in Ten Steps is a handbook that helps English speakers develop a basic competency in Haitian Kreyol. Its content is based on the Haitian Ministry of National Education's standardization of January 31, 1980. It is a simple and comprehensive source book which synthesizes the diverse information regarding the rules and principles of Haitian Kreyol spelling and grammar. Included is a glossary of 1,200 words.

A 2 volume CD set is also available for Haitian Kreyol in 10 Steps for $15 per volume. ISBN 0-87047-123-6

About the Author

    Work Abuse: How to Recognize and Survive It
     by Judith Wyatt andChauncey Hare
    Millions of people hate their jobs. They may think the problem is stress or burn-out, but for most of these people, the true problem is an abusive work environment: one that disempowers people and destroys self-esteem. Intended for individual workers and their families, therapists who help them, and managers and union leaders responsible for work systems, this book explains how and why work abuse happens and offers a practical plan for healing.

    For more information on work abuse and employee scapegoating in the U.S., contact Chauncey Hare at Work and Family Resources in San Francisco.
Phone 415-285-6751. Email:
Work and FamilyResources Homepage

For information on “workplace bullying” in the U.K., contact
Tim Fields,
Workplace Bullying,
P.O. Box 77, Wantage,
Oxfordshire, OX12 8YP,
Phone: 0123-583-4548;
Fax: 0123-586-1721.
Visit the U.K. bullying internet site located at: Tim Fields

About the Author

    Doctors Who Rape: Malpractice and Misogyny
     by Paula Trumpi
    A study of sexual abuse committed within a practitioner-patient relationship by medical and non-medical personnel from a moral, ethical, and legal perspective, including recent court cases and their findings. Compelled by her personal holocaust, the author provides victims of rape with valuable information for holding their abuser accountable, thereby preventing possible future abuse.


    Alcoholism: A Matter of Choice
     by Jim Hewitt
    No one has yet penetrated the nature of alcoholism. No one is heading in the right direction in research. The reason? Not one of the experts is considering the nature of the subject-the human being! Hewitt unmasks the demon addiction where it hides inside our humanity.

    Hewitt's central task is to show why and how alcoholics create the world they perceive. To do that we have to look first at the nature of humankind and human feelings. This book presents a conceptual grounding for the nature of addiction. The most important work to be done for alcoholism lies in understanding and teaching what I call the formative symbolic processes of meaning and feelings; in explaining family systems and shame; and in inquiring into the reality offered by the first three Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

About the Author

    Genocide: Rwanda and Burundi
     by Edward Nyankanzi
    A native of Burundi, Nyankanzi presents the historical framework surrounding the genocidal holocaust of Africa's two smallest countries, Rwanda and Burundi, where ethnic consciousness was almost nonexistent before German and Belgian colonialism.

    With reports on the war between the Hutu and Tutsi peoples and the rebellion in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). The author examines genocide from a socio-historical, psychological, and cultural perspective, tracing the practice of ethnic cleansing back to pre-biblical times.


About the Author

    Shame: The Power of Caring
     by Gershen Kaufman
     Shame has crippling effects on the human psyche, but until Gershen Kaufman's breakthrough study was first published over a decade ago, this basic human experience was virtually neglected as a factor in mental health. Since then, there has been an explosion of interest in the topic. In this revised and expanded third edition, Kaufman clarifies the role shame plays in connection with dysfunctional family systems, childhood sexual abuse, addiction recovery, and, in an entirely new section, he extends shame theory in new directions: shame in relation to aging and disability; the school and work settings; culture and gender; and sexual orientation and gay/lesbian identity. The final chapter explores how affect in general and shame in particular manifest themselves in war and international relations.

    Our bestseller for over fifteen years, this book revolutionized the self-help movement, and became the cornerstone on which so many books and ideas were built.


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